Weaning with allergies

Weaning can be an exciting, but challenging experience for all parents. But it's even more tricky if your little one has allergies. Our Founder started Munch Free for this very reason - her now 3 year old has a milk and egg allergy. Eliminating foods and figuring out what counts as 'safe' was a stressful process. Luckily, there have been lots of developments in the past few years and there is lots of advice available. We've put together some advice and useful resources below:


Advice from allergy mums

Take it slow, don’t rush and enjoy the process - it can be great fun watching your little one explore new tastes and textured!
Concentrate on the things they CAN eat not on what they CANNOT. It just made things easier focusing on the positives. I also keep a diary of what my little boy eats, where we have been and any reactions he has, taking pictures of new reactions. It’s come in really handy when taking to his doctors or other medical experts
Go at your child’s own pace. We swore by our food diary, so helpful to identify any pattern or delayed reactions
Weaning a baby with an allergy is a daunting experience, but at the same time so exciting! Reading labels has become second nature
With Elliot having food intolerances and reflux, when we began to wean him this made it very difficult to pin point the right food for him. We find that low acid food are the best for his tummy to digest, to take it slowly and little bits at a time. Now at 20 months he is a bottomless pit!


Allergy Advice

Zoe T. Williams, Allergy Mum and Blogger 


Natasha's Allergy Research Foundation, Organisation to fund and support allergy research  


Paula Hallam, Paediatric Dietitian and Allergy Specialist


Allergy UK, Leading charity offering advice and support services

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