Our story

Hey! I’m Nessa, Founder of Munch Free and mummy to the world’s happiest and busiest toddler. Since launching our social pages, I’ve had loads of interest in my own story. I wanted to write this post not only to share my story, but also to show why Munch Free is different to other baby food brands.


The first year was rough

During the early stages of breastfeeding my newborn in 2018, I knew there was much more to the agony he was in than just reflux and colic. The first twelve months of his life consisted of a process of eliminating foods from both my diet and his once he had started weaning, and I had an overwhelming feeling of guilt that I did not know how to help him. It soon became apparent that he had severe milk and egg allergies, and it was a temporary relief knowing that I could avoid giving him foods containing these products.

This relief soon led to frustration as I tirelessly scanned through supermarket shelves and online shops for brands and product ranges that were free from. However, as my husband and I became more familiar with a plant based lifestyle, we noticed that the product range for babies and kids was even more limited.

As I began seeking advice from other mums online, it seemed that the problem was far reaching, yet had not been picked up by any brands on the market that there is clearly a gap and need for a more substantial range of free from, functional and organically sourced baby foods.


Our promise

We want to give parents the option of knowing that there is a brand where they don’t have to spend hours in supermarkets checking on the back of individual products to check if they’re plant based or contain their allergens. 

What makes Munch Free different, is that I am a mum who understands and can relate to personal situations and scenarios. I am all about community, and helping as much as I can not only with plant based and free from queries from parents, but also to provide a platform of support throughout the pregnancy and parenthood journey.

As parents, there will always be times that we feel guilty we’re not doing enough for our kids, but together, there are ways that we can make all of our lives easier. Our mission is to provide a healthy and varied range of yummy free from, vegan and organic foods for your little ones.

Nessa xxx

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