How to start weaning your baby

Recently, we’ve had lots of messages from mums asking us for weaning advice as their babies hit the 4-6 month age range. We want to help new mums who are struggling with where to start. Whether you have a fussy baby, an allergy baby or just have no idea where to start, we all struggle at some point. How do you start weaning a baby? What is the best age to start weaning a baby? What foods should I wean my baby on?

Of course, it’s always advisable to approach your GP if you are considering weaning before six months or have any concerns about your baby’s feeding. As a mum who struggled with weaning her five month old allergy baby, our Founder, Nessa, knows how difficult it is and that sometimes you just need some tips and advice from other mums. That’s why Munch Free is more than just about selling free from, vegan and organic baby food, its about building a community where parents can find advice in one spot.

Take a look below for some advice from mums who’ve recently weaned their babies, and follow their Instagram pages (and ours @munch_free) for more tips and advice!

I was so nervous about weaning Fletcher initially but once I got stuck in and I saw him enjoying his foods it calmed my nerves and helped me to be a bit more adventurous with his food. We tried carrot puree and banana puree first which he loved and they are still his favourites now!
Try not to worry if your baby doesn’t take to food straight away, it took Isaac 5 months to really be interested and now the majority of the time he clears his whole plate!
Take it slow, don’t rush and enjoy the process - it can be great fun watching your little one explore new tastes and textured!
Concentrate on the things they CAN eat not on what they CANNOT. It just made things easier focusing on the positives. I also keep a diary of what my little boy eats, where we have been and any reactions he has, taking pictures of new reactions. It’s come in really handy when taking to his doctors or other medical experts
One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to go slowly and trust your gut. Support from those around you is important but for many they don’t get that support of belief that their child has an allergy. My Instagram community has been amazing, so supportive and understanding which I really appreciate to get me through this
Go at your child’s own pace. We swore by our food diary, so helpful to identify any pattern or delayed reactions
Weaning a baby with an allergy is a daunting experience, but at the same time so exciting! Reading labels has become second nature
With Elliot having food intolerances and reflux, when we began to wean him this made it very difficult to pin point the right food for him. We find that low acid food are the best for his tummy to digest, to take it slowly and little bits at a time. Now at 20 months he is a bottomless pit!
Follow your baby’s lead, you’ll know by their body language and actions when they’re ready, what they like and don’t like, when they’re full, it’s a lot less scary than it seems
Every baby is different. If you have to wean early for medical reasons, don’t feel guilty - you’re doing the best you can for your baby!
Attend a local paediatric first aid course. It really helped me remain calm when weaning our daughter!

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